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The University shall devote its work to research into the pressing global problems of human survival, development and welfare that are the concern of the United Nations and its agencies.
Charter of the United Nations University

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Media Coverage 02 Nov 2023

Addressing E-Waste Challenges in Nairobi & Surrounding Regions

Africa Business published an opinion piece on the problem of e-waste in Nairobi.

Expert Celular Biologist Host Parasite Interaction.

Dr. Antonio Carrillo de Albornoz

Dr. Antonio Osuna Carrillo de Albornoz

Expert Researcher Policy Making

Dr. Daniel Domínguez Gómez

Dr. Daniel Domínguez Gómez

Expert Researcher

Dr. Flor Pujol

Dr. Flor Pujol

Expert Researcher in Ethnobiology and molecular plant biology

Dr. Yani Aranguren Díaz

Dr. Yani Cristina Aranguren Díaz

Conversation Series -

Global Crises and United Nations Response and Innovations: Lessons Learned, Challenges and Prospects

TOKYO: On 9 November, UNU will host a conversation with Prof. Ibrahim Gambari, former Chief of Staff to the President of Nigeria.

Announcement 01 Nov 2023

Next Course: “Writing of Proposal for Research Grants: Theory into Practice”, November & December 2023

We are glad to announce the course “Writing of Proposal for Research Grants: Theory into Practice”.

Press Release 01 Nov 2023

Rethinking Quality: UNU-convened Experts Challenge the Harmful Influence of Global University Rankings

An important statement by an Independent Expert Group is now available, addressing the challenges associated with global university rankings.

Announcement 31 Oct 2023

New e-Learning Course: Human Mobility in the Context of Climate Change

This free online course will explore forms of climate-related human (im)mobility, each with different implications for policy and impacts on people.

Event -

FAST Annual Stakeholder Convening 2023

Sharing knowledge and practices to help eradicate modern slavery.