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The University shall devote its work to research into the pressing global problems of human survival, development and welfare that are the concern of the United Nations and its agencies.
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People — topics on improving lives of people everywhere

Planet — topics on preserving and improving our environment and natural resources

Peace and partnerships — topics on fostering peaceful, just, and inclusive societies

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Sustainable development

Global Change, Global Change and Planetary Boundaries

Global environmental changes and their implications on food, water & health; and various solutions including climate change adaptation & mitigation

Working Paper 08 Nov 2023

Why We Need an International Decade for Data

A call to action to set a transformative agenda and responsibly unlock the value of data for all.

Working Paper 08 Nov 2023

An International Decade for Data: Multistakeholder Cooperation in a Data-Driven World

A global vision for data cooperation to bridge the digital divide and spur international investment.

Sustainable development

International Project Development, Principles of International Development Project

Fundamentals of planning and executing international development projects


UNU Intensive Core Courses

Short intensive courses conducted in collaboration with leading universities Non-degree



Global Leadership Training Programme for Sustainable Development in Africa

Equipping future global leaders who skills and strategies to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs in Africa. Certificate programme


Event -

SDGs Café — Creating an Inclusive Workplace Environment from Kanazawa

This event aims to deepen understanding and provide insights into the workplace experiences of the LGBTQ+ community.

Side Event -

Translating Evidence to Action on Climate and SDGs Synergies in Asia and Beyond

This side event of the 2023 HLPF will share practices of synergistic actions in Asia and beyond.

Event -

WORKSHOP | Empower Tech Macau in Collaboration with EQUALS-EU: Bridging Women’s Role in Digital Inclusivity

The workshop is organised by UNU Macau, in partnership with EQUALS-EU, and is aimed at promoting gender equality and inclusivity in the digital age.

Working Paper 07 Nov 2023

Global Data Sharing Arrangements between UNHCR and other UN entities and International Organizations

Facilitating transparent and efficient personal data sharing while adhering to relevant principles and standards.