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The University shall devote its work to research into the pressing global problems of human survival, development and welfare that are the concern of the United Nations and its agencies.
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People — topics on improving lives of people everywhere

Planet — topics on preserving and improving our environment and natural resources

Peace and partnerships — topics on fostering peaceful, just, and inclusive societies

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UNU Council Member UNU Council Member; Raffles Professor of Social Sciences, National University of Singapore

Prof. Brenda Yeoh

Professor Brenda S.A. Yeoh is a Singaporean scholar and expert in the fields of migration, social geography, and the politics of space in colonial and post-colonial cities.

Project 19 Jan 2038

Flexible Office: Concept for Resource Optimisation (FLORES)

This project at UNU FLORES seeks to make a significant shift from fixed desks assigned to each employee to spaces designed according to functions and needs

Project 19 Jan 2038

Improving China’s institutional capacity towards universal social protection

The project will support and enhance the capacity for the digital transformation of China's social insurance administration

Project 19 Jan 2038

‘CRoss-sEcToral planning decisIoN-maKing platform to foster climate Action’ — ‘RethinkAction’

This project will build a cross-sectoral platform to deliver clear and valuable information on climate change that supports decision making.

Brief 04 Oct 2023

Semiconductor Chips for Sustainable Development

This technology brief recommends policy shifts that align with tangible developments in semiconductor chips.

Event -

13th Global RCE Conference

Regional Centres of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development and stakeholders will come together to address five priority action areas.

Conversation Series -

Japan's Foreign Policy in Turbulent Times

On 12 October, UNU will host a conversation with Kuniko Inoguchi, Member of the House of Councillors of Japan.

News 29 Sep 2023

'Large Language Models: ChatGPT, Bard, 悟道' discussed in the next session of UNU Generative AI Series

Our next guest speaker in this monthly series of webinars is Prof. Philippe De Wilde, from the University of Kent, United Kingdom.

Person Mercator Fellow

Luisa Kern

Luisa Kern is a Mercator Fellow at UNU-CPR.

Event -

UNU Generative AI Series | Large Language Models: ChatGPT, Bard, 悟道

In the third session of the UNU Generative AI Series of webinars, we welcome Prof. Philippe de Wilde as our guest speaker.