Industrial policy

Social equality and economic prosperity depend on industrial investments. But even basic services such as electricity, sanitation, and water remain out of reach for billions of people, creating barriers to the industrial and technological progress that drives developing country success.

UNU focuses on strengthening development linkages that catalyse innovation, foster equal resource benefits, and build resilient urban systems. This includes charting policy options to help transform resource extraction sectors into engines of sustainable economic growth, and helping to ensure that expanding cities can provide basic services and livelihoods for all.

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Sustainable Material Selection in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Integrating sustainability into material selection is critical for tackling global environmental concerns and securing a sustainable future.

05 Jul 2024


Webinar: Origins and implications of the current wave of automation technologies

The UNU-MERIT's UNESCO Chair is glad to announce the second edition of its webinar series on ''Science, Technology and Innovation Policies for Sustainable Development in Latin America'' (STI-LAC Webinars).



NABATE: International Workshop on sustainable management of end-of-life batteries

International Workshop " Sustainable battery system cuts raw material use, lowers environmental, health risks from toxic batteries"



NABATE: Transfer Workshop on sustainable management of end-of-life batteries in South Korea

UNU-FLORES and K-eco share findings on waste battery circulation between Germany and Korea, aiming for an eco-friendly transition to e-mobility.