Jobs (decent work)

Employed, productive populations fuel investment, sustainable economic growth, and inclusive progress. But with the majority of the working age population in developing countries employed in informal and insecure jobs, there is an urgent need for expanded opportunities for fair wages, safe working environments, and social protection.

UNU research is helping to find ways to encourage the movement of workers from the informal sector to the more productive formal sector. Concurrently, UNU is helping to illuminate opportunities for more dynamic informal firms to grow and ways for people working in these firms to achieve decent and remunerative work. 


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UNU-CPR Recommendations Unanimously Adopted by African Financial Authorities

Move promises to strengthen continent’s fight against modern slavery and human trafficking.

08 Sep 2023


UNU-WIDER Releases Major Report on Peace, Decent Work and Greater Equality

The report distills evidence and key messages from hundreds of UNU-WIDER studies.

26 Aug 2023


Enrolment Open — Decent Work and Economic Growth: Achieving SDG 8

This new online course provides research insights that support policymaking towards the achievement of SDG 8.

25 Aug 2023


New Research Provides Insights into Development Aid Addressing Target 8.7

A detailed and robust analysis on national commitments.

25 Aug 2023


From Left Behind to Staying Back: Rethinking Policy Responses to Children in Migrant Households

Presenting new research and analysis that challenges dominant policy and practice narratives on stay behind children.



Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking

FAST mobilizes the financial sector to address modern slavery and human trafficking

24 Jul 2023


UNU-WIDER Launches new World Income Inequality Database Explorer

The World Income Inequality Database (WIID), hosted and maintained by UNU-WIDER for more than 20 years, is now accessible via a new WIID Explorer.

27 Jun 2023


Strengthening Global Responses to Forced Labour and Sex Trafficking

An updated training certificate for anti-financial crime professionals is strengthening the global response to modern slavery and human trafficking.

12 May 2023


New Policy Brief Helps Financial Sector Address Crisis-driven Modern Slavery Risks

Identifying the steps financial institutions can take to prepare for and address risks associated with crises and displacements.

06 May 2023


Analysing Coverage of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Risks in Sub-Saharan Africa

New report analyses available data to identify, assess, and understand how National Risk Assessments address modern slavery risks in Africa.

29 Mar 2023


Delta 8.7

Informing policies that contribute to achieving SDG Target 8.7 on modern slavery, human trafficking, and forced and child labour.

20 Mar 2023