Sustainable cities and communities

By 2030, 60 per cent of the global population will reside in cities. As dense hubs of global activity, cities present some of the greatest challenges among the Sustainable Development Goals. From housing, public health, and employment, to natural resource consumption and transportation, achieving the SDGs will hinge on urban planning initiated now.

UNU research on sustainable urbanisation seeks to overcome the tendency to treat urban issues (such as governance, water, waste, health, economic development, or vulnerability to natural hazards) as discrete problems and instead find integrated, interdisciplinary solutions.

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Elevating the Environment in the Multilateral System

Enabling the UN to play a more meaningful role in a global transition towards a more sustainable relationship with nature.

10 Nov 2023


"Stories Without Borders": A Migrant Storytelling Workshop

ONLINE: On 30 November 2023, UNU-MERIT will host a storytelling workshop led by Martina Lucic and Joy Ehikioya.


Working Paper

Why We Need an International Decade for Data

A call to action to set a transformative agenda and responsibly unlock the value of data for all.

08 Nov 2023


FAST Annual Stakeholder Convening 2023

Sharing knowledge and practices to help eradicate modern slavery.


Working Paper

Unlocking the Potential: The Call for an International Decade of Data

Prioritizing and advancing data as the bedrock for social and economic development.

27 Oct 2023


Expert Workshop on Public-Private Partnerships in Global Data Governance

Facilitating an exchange of perspectives on improved public-private partnerships in data governance.



The Impact of Telepresence Technologies on the Place Attachment of Syrian Refugees in the Netherlands

ONLINE: On 27 October 2023, UNU-MERIT will host a presentation by migration researcher Mohammad Khalaf.