Sustainable cities and communities

By 2030, 60 per cent of the global population will reside in cities. As dense hubs of global activity, cities present some of the greatest challenges among the Sustainable Development Goals. From housing, public health, and employment, to natural resource consumption and transportation, achieving the SDGs will hinge on urban planning initiated now.

UNU research on sustainable urbanisation seeks to overcome the tendency to treat urban issues (such as governance, water, waste, health, economic development, or vulnerability to natural hazards) as discrete problems and instead find integrated, interdisciplinary solutions.

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Migration Seminar – Citizen X: A Transatlantic Ethnography of Undocumented Activism

ONLINE: UNU-MERIT will host a seminar with Dr Thomas Swerts on his forthcoming book “Citizen X: A transatlantic ethnography of undocumented activism”.



Report Explores Digital Access as a Human Right

UNU-EGOV and the Digital Future Society present their latest joint report examining how universal digital access is a means of achieving SDG 11.

19 May 2023

Media Coverage

Japan Times Features UNU-IAS Expert Comments on Urban Farming

The article explores the potential of green spaces to address the social and environmental challenges brought on by urbanisation.

09 Mar 2023

Side Event

Urban Sustainability: How Can Cities Tackle Floods?

On 22 March, UNU-MERIT will co-organise a World Water Day event to discuss the drivers of urban flooding and how to build resilience.


Side Event

Valuing Urban Water in Asia for Achieving Sustainable Development

On 18 March 2023 at 15:00 (JST), UNU-IAS will co-organise an online side event as part of the UN Water Conference 2023.



Applications Open: Global Leadership Training Programme for Sustainable Development in Africa

Applications are open until 2 December 2022 for the Global Leadership Training Programme for Sustainable Development in Africa.

07 Nov 2022