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The University shall devote its work to research into the pressing global problems of human survival, development and welfare that are the concern of the United Nations and its agencies.
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Article 30 Nov 2023

The Perils of Acting Too Slowly in Embracing Artificial Intelligence

To harness AI for social transformation, South Africa must invest in education, promote inclusivity and develop robust ethical frameworks.

Event -

International Workshop | Ethical AI: Pioneering Progress in the Asia-Pacific

The workshop, organised by UNU Macau in collaboration with UNESCO and University of Macau, aims to facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogue around AI.

Event -

UNU Generative AI Series | Generative AI and the Role of Law

In this online panel discussion, five guest speakers will explore risks and challenges raised by Generative AI and the role of law in addressing them.

News 30 Nov 2023

Stock Exchange Guidance on Modern Slavery Growing, But More Needed

Although more stock exchanges reference modern slavery in their ESG disclosure guidance, variation in terms of coverage and details remains.

Symposium -

The Role of Science in Building a Sustainable Society

TOKYO: This event will discuss interdisciplinary cooperation and citizen participation for achieving the SDGs.

Side Event -

Circularity as a Game Changer for Climate Action: Upscaling Applied Research and Economic Solutions

DUBAI & ONLINE: On 3 December, UNU will co-organize a COP28 high-level side event exploring circularity as a foundation for climate action.

Media Coverage 29 Nov 2023

Climate Change Communication for the Planet and the People

Op-ed discusses ideas and actions to improve climate communication by and between governments and the public.

Media Coverage 29 Nov 2023

Can COP28 Deliver for Cities and Climate Migrants?

Strategic policy responses can help mitigate challenges while preparing cities for the future.

News 27 Nov 2023

Participants gathered at UNU Macau to discuss digital inclusivity in Macau

The event was organised in collaboration with EQUALS-EU and included a roundtable discussion and a workshop aimed at promoting gender equality.

Event -

Global Governance and Sustainable Development: Revitalizing Research to Support Multilateral Solutions

On 20–22 June 2024, UNU will co-organize the Academic Council on the United Nations System Annual Meeting 2024.