Energy drives development, but our continued unsustainable and inefficient energy use impedes progress in areas such as health and climate change, and creates socio-economic barriers to equal development for all. Connecting households to modern sustainable energy is a vital element for realising all the Sustainable Development Goals.

UNU research focuses on enhancing the capacity of the renewable energy sector, and exploring how integrated resource use practices can improve energy efficiency and make modern energy production cleaner and more affordable.

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NABATE: International Workshop on sustainable management of end-of-life batteries

International Workshop " Sustainable battery system cuts raw material use, lowers environmental, health risks from toxic batteries"



Tsunakan Journal Highlights Best Practices for Just Transition

The publication featured an article by UNU-IAS experts on ensuring a just transition to carbon neutrality in developing countries in Asia-Pacific.

21 Mar 2024

Side Event

Synergistic Approach for Environmental Sustainability and Just Transition: A Follow-up to Think-7 Summit 2023

DUBAI: This event at the COP28 SDG Pavilion will discuss climate-SDG synergies for a just and sustainable energy transition.



Catalysing Change: UNU-FLORES’ Weisswasser Office Plays Valuable Role in Global Energy Transition

The core issues surrounding the coal phase-out across most regions worldwide

03 Nov 2023


Policy Roadmap for Sustainable Infrastructure Out Now!

Reduce environmental impact, advance renewable energy, and ensure long-term economic viability. the Case of Chile (SI-Chile)

13 Jul 2023


Nexus Seminar Series N.69 – Why African Entrepreneurs are Global Leaders of Innovation for Sustainable Development, and what we can learn from them?

This talk discusses of African entrepreneurs in the off-grid energy sector and the types of complex business model innovations they have produced.