Energy drives development, but our continued unsustainable and inefficient energy use impedes progress in areas such as health and climate change, and creates socio-economic barriers to equal development for all. Connecting households to modern sustainable energy is a vital element for realising all the Sustainable Development Goals.

UNU research focuses on enhancing the capacity of the renewable energy sector, and exploring how integrated resource use practices can improve energy efficiency and make modern energy production cleaner and more affordable.

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Sustainable Cycles Programme Marks Nearly Three Decades of Success at UNU

A new report — SCYCLE’s Origins and Milestones, 1994–2021 — outlines the 27-year journey of exciting research, training, and policy impact.

21 Jan 2022

Side Event

COP26 Side Event: Carbon Neutrality and the SDGs

On 4 November, the UNU-IAS will co-host the event: "Carbon Neutrality and the SDGs" at the COP26 conference in Glasgow, UK.



GIS Training for Improved Natural Resource Management in Africa

This project aims to build capacity for the deployment of geospatial applications in natural resource research, planning and management in Africa.

11 Aug 2014


Stranded Assets and Climate Change in the Context of Sustainable Development in Africa

This project aims to evaluates the risks African countries face due to fossil fuel asset stranding, to manage risks and maximise opportunities.

09 Dec 2021


Low-carbon society: an enhanced modelling tool for the transition to sustainability LOCOMOTION

This project aims to design a new set of Integrated Assessment Models to assess different sustainability policy options towards a low-carbon society.

10 Jul 2019


Sustainability of Wastewater Management: A Socio-Ecological System (SES) Approach for Textile Industry in Bangladesh

The project will address the challenges of wastewater management in the textile industry.

14 Dec 2020


Researchers back to the secondary school - Renewable energy powered water-food-economy nexus for the sustainable livelihood at Dosso Region in Niger (RETO-DOSSO)

This project aims to inform sustainable water, energy, and food security interventions, including solar power and other renewable energy systems.

03 Oct 2020