Energy drives development, but our continued unsustainable and inefficient energy use impedes progress in areas such as health and climate change, and creates socio-economic barriers to equal development for all. Connecting households to modern sustainable energy is a vital element for realising all the Sustainable Development Goals.

UNU research focuses on enhancing the capacity of the renewable energy sector, and exploring how integrated resource use practices can improve energy efficiency and make modern energy production cleaner and more affordable.

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Policy Brief Urges Support for Vulnerable Populations in Transition to Net Zero

Guidance for policymakers on strengthening incentives and support measures for people at high risk of energy poverty.

24 Aug 2022


New Publication Highlights Role of Partnerships and Digitalisation in Achieving Local SDGs

A new publication by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan presents a UNU-IAS survey on global trends on carbon neutrality & digitalisation.

09 Aug 2022


Conference Session Spotlights Energy Justice in Pursuing Carbon Neutrality and the SDGs

UNU-IAS held a session of the Sustainability Research & Innovation Congress 2022, on the nexus between carbon neutrality and the SDGs.

01 Jul 2022


Managing the Nexus Between Carbon Neutrality and Social, Economic, and Environmental Agenda Under the SDGs

UNU-IAS will host an online session at the Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress 2022 on the nexus between carbon neutrality and the SDGs.



Global Trends and Policies on Carbon Neutrality and Digitalization

A new UNU-IAS report offers case studies and best practices for achieving a carbon-neutral sustainable society.

30 May 2022


Climate Action Talk Highlights Cambodia's Long-Term Strategy for Carbon Neutrality

UNU-IAS hosted a Climate Action Talk with Mao Hak of the Ministry of Environment of Cambodia.

24 Mar 2022


Sustainable Cycles Programme Marks Nearly Three Decades of Success at UNU

A new report — SCYCLE’s Origins and Milestones, 1994–2021 — outlines the 27-year journey of exciting research, training, and policy impact.

21 Jan 2022

Side Event

COP26 Side Event: Carbon Neutrality and the SDGs

On 4 November, the UNU-IAS will co-host the event: "Carbon Neutrality and the SDGs" at the COP26 conference in Glasgow, UK.