Advisory and Consultancy Projects

On-going Projects

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National Strategy for Digital Transformation in Guinea Bissau

Support Guinea-Bissau's digital growth through a comprehensive transformation strategy, enhancing public sector digitalisation, governance, and citizen services by 2030.

11 Jul 2024


State-of-Affairs Report on Sustainable Development Goals for Qatar

Assessing digital transformation's role in achieving SDGs, this report offers insights and recommendations to enhance sustainable development.

10 Nov 2023


Knowledge Hub Digital

Enhance global e-Governance by analyzing legal frameworks across ten jurisdictions, identifying best practices, and delivering targeted training via webinars and in-person sessions.

04 Sep 2023


Dynamic Capabilities for Digital Government Transformation: Leading Emerging Technologies in the Global South

The research project develops a framework of dynamic capabilities for public organisations to use emerging technologies for digital transformation.

01 Sep 2023


Governance Models for Collaboration and Coordination in Public Sector Digital Transformation

The research project aims to develop a theory and a model of governance for e-Governance collaboration and coordination in different contexts.

04 Apr 2023


ePART4GOV An Integrated Project Framework for e-Participation and Governance Mechanisms

Enhancing Saudi governance through e-participation & user feedback.

09 Mar 2023


Health Online Service Provision Index (HOSPI) Network

Enhancing global health service delivery through UNU-EGOV's HOSPI methodology, evaluating hospital portals to increase attractiveness, efficiency, and patient responsiveness.

09 Jan 2023


Local Online Service Index (LOSI) Network

Enhance local e-governance globally via the LOSI Network, assessing online services in cities to guide policies, improve access, and foster international collaboration.

09 Jan 2023


This document showcases a list of relevant projects and activities carried out by the Operating Unit in the past years that have developed worldwide with multiple partners.

Completed Projects

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Capacity building programme on Digital Governance in the Public Administration of Cabo Verde

Enhance Cape Verde's public sector with a structured training programme focused on digital transformation and governance.

01 Oct 2023


Study on country models for the international transfer of digital government experiences and solutions

Enhance international GovTech service exports with a business model derived from insights from Denmark, Estonia, India, and Korea, focusing on digital governance and collaboration.

03 Mar 2023


Accelerating the digital transformation of the public sector of Qatar

Supporting Qatar’s MCIT to improve digital transformation by providing analysis, recommendations, advice, and capacity development.

17 Jan 2023


Digital Maturity Index in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s DGA’s DXMI aims to enhance digital services, align with Vision 2030, and boost user satisfaction annually.

02 Jan 2023


Expert Support for Good Practice Identification, Capacity Development, and Internationalisation

Empowering DGA to identify public sector digital transformation best practices, enhancing skills for award recognition and submissions globally.

31 Oct 2022


Global Assessment of Responsible AI in cities (AI4Cities)

Enhance city governance with AI through a global survey assessing the technology's use, focusing on service design and human-centered data, to inform robust policy recommendations.

28 Oct 2022


Capacity Building Programme for Public Sector Executives in Egypt

Enhance Egypt's public sector via UNU-EGOV's tailored training, focusing on digital governance, corruption reduction, and judiciary reforms.

18 Oct 2022


Service 360: Dubai the Model Center expert advise on public sector innovation, monitoring and measurement

The Dubai Model Centre project aims to revolutionize public service delivery, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction through innovative models and expert global collaboration.

18 Oct 2022