State-of-Affairs Report on Sustainable Development Goals for Qatar

The project aims to analyse and report on the digital transformation initiatives for sustainable development in Qatar. The main beneficiary is MCIT.

Date Published
10 Dec 2023
Expected Start Date
10 Dec 2023
Expected End Date
10 Mar 2024
Project Type
Project Status

The aim of the “Digital Transformation for Sustainable Development: State-of-Affairs Report on Sustainable Development Goals” is to assess the current landscape of digital transformation initiatives in the context of MCIT’s mandate, initiatives, and the SDGs. The report will analyse the progress made by various sectors and regions in integrating digital technologies to achieve sustainable development objectives.


The target audience is MCIT’s management and key partners in the Government of Qatar including the Ministry of Planning & Statistics and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The report will be based on information, data and statistics from MCIT and the Ministry of Planning & Statistics.


By providing a state-of-affairs analysis, the report seeks to offer valuable insights and recommendations to MCIT. Ultimately, the goal is to foster a deeper understanding of how digital transformation can be harnessed effectively to promote sustainable development, drive innovation, and create positive societal and environmental impact. 

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