INOV.EGOV – Digital Governance Innovation for Inclusive, Resilient and Sustainable Societies

Date Published
8 Feb 2024
Expected Start Date
01 Jul 2019
Expected End Date
30 Jun 2023
Project Type
Research and Capacity Development
Project Status

The INOV.EGOV project – on digital governance innovation for inclusive, resilient, and sustainable societies – aims at consolidating in the North Region of Portugal a research and innovation pole in Digital Governance focused on the analysis, design, construction, and monitoring of structures, processes, and dynamics for smart, inclusive, resilient, secure, and integrated digital governance, at all the State and Public Administration levels. It will do so through an Operating Unit of the United Nations University, UNU-EGOV, hosted in Guimarães by the Portuguese Republic since 2014 and already recognised as an internationally renowned think-tank in this area with direct intervention in more than 30 countries

The Research lines


Digital Governance Strategies in a Complex World

This research line is part of the INOV.EGOV Project (RL1)

13 Feb 2024


Harnessing Frontier Technologies for Smart Governance

This research line is part of the INOV.EGOV Project (RL2)

13 Feb 2024


Citizen and Community Centred Digital Governance

This research line is part of the INOV.EGOV Project (RL3)

13 Feb 2024


UNU-EGOV Networking and Capacity Building Laboratory.

This research line is part of the INOV.EGOV Project (RL4)

13 Feb 2024

The project focus will be placed on the following three areas:

  • In the digital transition at the global, national, and local levels of governance;

  • In the innovative technological solutions based on frontier, often disruptive, digital technologies, namely Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, for the construction, execution, monitoring, and evaluation of evidence-based and citizen-centred public policies at national, regional, and local scales;

  • In effective ways of designing, planning, and monitoring the ecosystem of digital governance, at local and global strategic levels, for an effective/inclusive response to the specific needs and dynamics of people’s and communities’ lives while empowering democratic citizenship.

The project articulates, in a dynamic way, three basic dimensions:

  1. Fundamental and applied research in digital governance and the digital transformation of the State and Public Administration;

  2. Systematic translation of research findings into the design, analysis and evaluation of public policies;

  3. Institutional capacity building and networking reach the relevant actors in the public sector, administration, academy, and industry.

Through this synergetic approach, the project will give a decisive contribution to an internationally renowned research laboratory and think-tank on policy-driven electronic governance, becoming a source of authoritative EGOV research, policy advice, and education, and an effective bridge between EGOV research and policy located in the North Region of Portugal.

The INOV.EGOV project is structured in three main Research Lines (RL) articulating the three dimensions mentioned above. These are connected to a fourth line, orthogonal to the others, devoted to institutional capacity building and networking at an international level, whose significant impact is anticipated.

The project activities for each RL are detailed via the tabs at the top of this page.

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