Digital Governance Strategies in a Complex World

This research line is part of the INOV.EGOV Project (RL1)

The expected scientific outcomes of this research line are as follows:

RL1.R1 – New results on the conceptualisation, design, measurement and monitoring of digital governance and digital transformation of State institutions and Public Administration, at multiple levels, to face complex, uncertain times and contribute to structure effective strategies for sustainable development.

RL1.R2 – New results on the methodology of EGOV national, regional, and local strategies design, and their validation through international case studies.

RL1.R3 – New results and evidence on harnessing digital governance approaches to address emergency situations and crisis contexts.

RL1.R4 – Collaborative dynamics with EGOV active agents and institutions in different countries to support and validate research findings, as well as to foster the local implementation of pilot projects in the domain covered by this RL.

Therefore, the deliverables associated to the scientific outcomes of this RL will be:


  • Research papers in indexed journals and top international conferences (12);
  • Policy recommendations, in the form of guidelines for policy-makers and government officials for the successful transfer, localisation, and adoption of EGOV innovations within the domain of the RL (8);
  • Workshops / seminars with international scope on the topics covered by the three Action Lines on the corresponding project results and challenges (3);
  • Open-source knowledge repository documenting EGOV innovations to address emergency and crisis contexts;
  • Participation in the design of at least 3 digital governance strategies at national, local, or sectoral levels in different developing countries;
  • PhD thesis projects to be initiated within the project (4);
  • Scientific employment: new positions for researchers with PhD (4) and research assistants (3).

Publications related to this Research Line are available on the UNU Collections repository.

Events related to this Research Line are available on the UNU-EGOV institutional website.

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