UNU-EGOV Networking and Capacity Building Laboratory.

This research line is part of the INOV.EGOV Project (RL4)

  • The expected scientific outcomes of this RL are as follows:

    RL4.R1 – A portfolio of institutional capacity building programmes targeting high-level public officials in national, regional and local governance levels, with a broad thematic scope.

    RL4.R2 – A collection of training resources associated to the themes and results addressed in research lines RL1, RL2 and RL3.

    RL4.R3 – An international network of universities devoted to multidisciplinary research in digital governance.

    RL4.R4 – New systematisation results on research and action-research methodologies in the EGOV domain.

    RL4.R5 – A program of in-house personalised training for high-level public officials working on concrete problems / challenges from their home institutions.

    RL4.R6 – Several international conferences / forums / initiatives on cutting-of-edge themes on digital governance.

    The deliverables associated to the scientific outcomes of this RL will be:

    • Capacity building programmes on several cutting-of-edge topics in digital governance and the digital transformation of the State and Public Administration, targeting different audiences and contexts (6);
    • Research-oriented seminars on the themes and results addressed in research lines RL1, RL2, and RL3, articulated with doctoral programmes on Information Systems, Informatics, Public Administration or Political Science (3);
    • Open training and other educative resources on EGOV (5);
    • Launching of an academic programme at MSc level in collaboration with a local university in Cabo Verde and Portuguese universities;
    • One collaborative strategic network on EGOV and innovation in Africa;
    • International conferences for academics, researchers, and practitioners on cutting-of-edge themes and challenges for digital governance (4);
    • Research papers in indexed journals and top-international conferences on research planning, assessment, measurement, and evaluation for the EGOV domain (4);
    • Research technical reports on case-studies on EGOV innovation systematised from the in-house personalised training programme (10) ;
    • Scientific employment: new positions for researchers with PhD (1) and research assistants (2).


    1. Publications related to this Research Line are available on the UNU Collections repository.
    2. Events related to this Research Line are available on the UNU-EGOV institutional website.

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