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The University shall devote its work to research into the pressing global problems of human survival, development and welfare that are the concern of the United Nations and its agencies.
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People — topics on improving lives of people everywhere

Planet — topics on preserving and improving our environment and natural resources

Peace and partnerships — topics on fostering peaceful, just, and inclusive societies

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News 24 Oct 2015

UNU-IAS Board Convenes for 2015 Meeting

Held on 23–24 October 2015, the meeting reviewed the activities of the institute, and provided guidance for its future development.

Blog Post 13 Oct 2015

How the UN Made FIFA Look Well Governed – And What the UN Can Do About It

The case for implementing a UN ethics system for the leaders of its intergovernmental bodies.

Project 01 Oct 2015

A Comprehensive Analysis of the UN Security Council in the 21st Century

An authoritative account of the activities and developments surrounding the Council over the past quarter century.

Blog Post 25 Sep 2015

Turning Words into Action: Peaceful and Inclusive Societies in the SDGs

Sustainable Development Goal #16 has formalized the link between development and peace & security. The main task now is implementation of the goal.

Blog Post 17 Sep 2015

Further Steps Needed To Open Up Secretary-General Selection Process

How the UN can increase transparency to the selection process of the UN Secretary-General.

News 17 Aug 2015

Strategies for Enhancing the Resilience of Rice Terraces

Ifugao State University and UNU-IAS hosted a forum on the global challenges and sustainability of the Ifugao rice terraces.

Expert Deputy Director

Luís Soares Barbosa

Luís Soares Barbosa is the Deputy Director of the United Nations University (UNU-EGOV) since 2017.

Expert Director of UNU-EGOV

Delfina Soares

Dr Delfina Soares is the Director of the United Nations University Operating Unit on Policy-Driven Electronic Governance (UNU-EGOV).

Expert Adjunct Associate Professor

António Tavares

António Tavares is Adjunct Associate Professor at the United Nations University (UNU-EGOV).

Project 23 Jul 2015

A New Set of Views on Indian Foreign Policy

A comprehensive exploration of India's foreign policy evolution, focusing on historical, geographical, capability, and leadership factors.