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UNU Macau Launches the Youth Engagement Programme on the 2022 UN Day

YEP hopes to inspire and empower youths in Macao and beyond, while involving them as partners in the path towards sustainable development.

24 Oct 2022


UNU Macau and USJ Students Work Together for the SDGs

University of Saint Joseph students came to UNU Macau for an interactive learning experience, as part of our Youth Engagement Programme.

17 Oct 2022


Monash University and UNU Macau Sign MOU to Advance Critical Technologies

The MOU will focus on cooperation and collaboration in research, and multi-stakeholder consultations and participation in Southeast Asia.

06 Sep 2022


End of the Year Highlights 2021

As we look back at the eventful year of 2021 at UNU Macau, we thank you all for your support.

13 Dec 2021


New UNU Macau Research Finds that Improving the Cyber Resilience of Local Civil Society Organisations is Crucial Amid Increasing Cybersecurity Risks

Digitalisation makes organisations more resilient in crises, but leads to increased cybersecurity risks, which may impair long-term operations.

31 Aug 2021


UNU Macau Calls for Multistakeholder Partnerships to Advance the Sustainable Development Goals in Macao and the Greater Bay Area

This summit brought together government, academia, private sector, and NGOs to explore collaborative opportunities for advancing the SDGs.

17 May 2021


UNU Macau co-convened the Stanford BASES Global Summit

This event enables a cross sectional, global dialogue and call to action to collectively support the SDGs.

23 Apr 2021