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Navigating Latest Trends in AI Ethics

Insights from keynote speakers shed light on the current trends in AI ethics, spanning philosophical, legal, and business perspectives.

07 Feb 2024

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On the Unsustainability of ChatGPT: Impact of Large Language Models on the Sustainable Development Goals

A blog on the talk by UNU Macau's Head of Research, Dr. Serge Stinckwich, the first session of the new UNU Generative AI series of webinars.

08 Sep 2023

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A Constructive Approach to Participatory Computerised Modelling

A human-centred systems approach involves building a meaningful relationship with citizens and enabling them to build skills to cope with complexity.

21 Apr 2023

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IR 4.0 is not a Scientific Revolution: A Paradigm Shift in the Making

The idea of sustainable development in the era of the Anthropocene seems to be getting in conflict with itself.

28 Mar 2023

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Developing inclusive AI policy in Southeast Asia

UNU Macau investigated gaps and opportunities in gender and other societal biases of AI in Southeast Asia to inform future policy development.

02 Feb 2023

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Breakthrough: Building Collective Intelligence for Our Common Agenda

Collective intelligence can be created in practice by engaging in participatory or collaborative modelling, supported by digital technologies.

18 Oct 2022

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Unpacking Good Mental Health for World Mental Health Month

Mental health is a critical pillar of overall health. It is not the opposite of mental illness, not equal to feeling happy, not static.

10 Oct 2022