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Collective Intelligence within the United Nations: Foundations

The UN Charter recognises it is only through coordinated and harmonised international cooperation that solutions to some challenges can be achieved.

29 Aug 2022

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Leveraging Collaborative Systems Modelling for Solving Complex Urban Problems

Collective urban intelligence centres solutions in the collective capabilities that emerge from the collaboration of urban stakeholders.

13 May 2022

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Safety in AI Systems

The concept of safety cements the need to ensure trustworthiness, preservation of human rights and the potential to promote sustainability and peace.

21 Jul 2021

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Towards a Human Rights-Based Approach to Artificial Intelligence

Core values like universality, equality and non-discrimination should exist online, as they do offline, and in the design and implementation of AI.

31 Mar 2021

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'It’s Not All About Success Stories': Girls’ Digital Inclusion in Practice

Our research suggests that, to address girls’ digital needs, it is essential to have information about intended and unintended programs' impact.

19 Mar 2021

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How do we Ensure that Artificial Intelligence is Trustworthy and Inclusive?

To build trust in AI, co-designing and active engagement of users from the early stages of planning to implementation are needed.

19 Feb 2021

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Technological Innovation to Support Formalisation and Reduce Exploitation

Apprise and Apprise Audit support formalisation by providing a voice to workers who experience varying degrees of informality.

28 Jan 2021