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How do we Ensure that Artificial Intelligence is Trustworthy and Inclusive?

To build trust in AI, co-designing and active engagement of users from the early stages of planning to implementation are needed.

19 Feb 2021

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Technological Innovation to Support Formalisation and Reduce Exploitation

Apprise and Apprise Audit support formalisation by providing a voice to workers who experience varying degrees of informality.

28 Jan 2021

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Localising the Sustainable Development Goals in Macao as the Decade of Action Begins

When unprecedented mobilisation, ambition and delivery are needed to achieve the SDGs, UNU Macau opened its doors to the community to raise awareness.

27 Oct 2020

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Overcoming Trust, Power, and Communication Dissonances: Why Innovative Tech Can Combat Forced Labour

Apprise studies reveal that most workers are more comfortable using this digital tool to answer questions when compared with face-to-face interviews.

20 Oct 2020

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Who is Being Left Behind in COVID-19 Data?

Besides marginalisation that occurs in the COVID-19 data collection phase, marginalisation and exclusion may also occur in the data analysis phase.

08 Oct 2020

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Identifying Labour Risks through Worker Engagement

Worker voice technology, such as Apprise, can identify forced labour and ensure workers’ voices are central and confidential during social audits.

17 Sep 2020