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As an academic member of the UN family specialised in digital technologies, UNU Macau has brought forward many insightful research contributions for evidence-based and data-driven decision-making and policy development. Our recent research on the ethics of AI, cyber resilience, and modelling to prepare for the next pandemic are some key examples.

We believe that research and training should always go hand in hand. Research makes our training content more fresh, applicable, contextualised, up-to-date, and alive. Training reinforces research, as more ideas emerge during the interactions with learners. The virtuous cycle keeps us energised and sought after in the UN system, by the member states, NGOs, and private sector.

UNU Macau consists of a dynamic, multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team of international researchers and professors. Moreover, they have deep knowledge about the UN and the digital realities faced by member states.

If interested, please contact us:

Phone: +853 2871 2930

Email: info_macau@unu.edu

UNU Macau

UNU Macau Training Portfolio

Our current training offer includes a variety of courses under themes such as “Smart usage of digital technologies for SDGs”, “Ethics of AI” or “Digital behaviour and wellbeing”.
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