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Research and academic activities aligned with every Sustainable Development Goal

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The University shall devote its work to research into the pressing global problems of human survival, development and welfare that are the concern of the United Nations and its agencies.
Charter of the United Nations University

People — topics on improving lives of people everywhere

Planet — topics on preserving and improving our environment and natural resources

Peace and partnerships — topics on fostering peaceful, just, and inclusive societies

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Staff Technology Officer

José Faria

José Faria holds the role of Technology Officer at UNU-EGOV since May 2015.

Staff Communication Consultant

Diogo Ruão

Diogo Ruão presently serves as a Communication Consultant at UNU-EGOV, having joined the institution in August 2023.  

Staff Communication Consultant

Liliana Costa

Liliana Costa holds the role of Communication Consultant for the UNU-EGOV since September 2023.

Staff Communication Consultant

Flávia Barbosa

Flávia Barbosa is currently one of the Communications Consultants of UNU-EGOV. She joined the institution in August 2023.

Staff Communication Designer

Cristina Braga

Cristina Braga holds the role of Communications Designer at UNU-EGOV since January 2018.

Staff Human Resources Associate

Viktorija Jordanoska

Viktorija Jordanoska holds the role of Human Resources Associate at UNU-EGOV since June 2022.

Staff Finance Associate

Teresa Ribeiro

Teresa Caldas Ribeiro holds the role of Finance Associate at UNU-EGOV since November 2022.

Staff Finance Assistant

Mário Meira

Mário Meira holds the role of Finance Assistant at UNU-EGOV since August 2014.

Symposium -

SDG–UP Public Symposium

TOKYO & ONLINE: This event will highlight sustainability initiatives at the SDG–Universities Platform member universities and their role in achieving the SDGs.

Expert Research Fellow and Academic Associate

Dr. Anupam Khajuria

Dr. Anupam Khajuria is a Research Fellow and Academic Associate with the Innovation and Education Programme at UNU-IAS.