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The University shall devote its work to research into the pressing global problems of human survival, development and welfare that are the concern of the United Nations and its agencies.
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Planet — topics on preserving and improving our environment and natural resources

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News 01 May 2024

Former UNU Senior Vice-Rector Taikan Oki to Receive Japan's Medal with Purple Ribbon

Professor Oki will receive the Medal from the Prime Minister of Japan during a ceremony held in Tokyo.

Article 01 May 2024

Fisheries and Aquaculture

Complex supply chains in global fish production increase risks: The cases of Bangladesh, India, Philippines, and Thailand.

Article 01 May 2024

Construction and Infrastructure

Construction's location-specific nature increases risks: The cases of India, Myanmar, and Qatar.

Article 01 May 2024


Disrupting systematic forced labour in Uzbekistan.

Article 01 May 2024

Palm Oil

The varying modern slavery risks across palm oil production contexts in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Nigeria.

Article 01 May 2024

Garments and Apparel

Competition for foreign investment can leave garment sector workers vulnerable to exploitation: The cases of Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, and the UK.

Article 01 May 2024


Brazil's anti-slavery disruption effort in its cattle industry.

Project 30 Apr 2024

LDN4NAP: Supplement to the UNFCCC NAP Technical Guidelines on Promoting Synergy Between Efforts Addressing DLDD, the Achievement of LDN and the Process to Formulate and Implement NAPs

This project will develop a supplement for existing frameworks and plans towards achieving land degredation neutrality and planing adaptation.

News 30 Apr 2024

IPIC 2023 Public Session

Portuguese Municipal Councils excel in internet presence ranking.

Project 30 Apr 2024

Towards Actionable Impact-based Early Warning in Africa: Integrating Exposure and Vulnerability into Early Warning Systems – a Pilot Study in the IGAD Region (EarlyWarning4IGAD)

This project seeks to expand existing hazard-based early warning systems towards actionable impact-based early warning systems.