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Emergency preparedness planning for water supply and sanitation in health care facilities - organisational and technical solution strategies to increase resilience (NOWATER)

This project aims to deepen understanding of the factors that promote or hinder the continued operation of health and care facilities during crises.

18 May 2020


Low-carbon society: an enhanced modelling tool for the transition to sustainability LOCOMOTION

This project aims to design a new set of Integrated Assessment Models to assess different sustainability policy options towards a low-carbon society.

10 Jul 2019


Assessing Financial Needs for Implementing UNCCD National Drought Plans and Drought-Related Processes

This project will assess the financial needs for drought processes and develop the case for preparation, mitigation and response to drought.

15 Mar 2024


European Drought Observatory for Resilience and Adaptation (EDORA)

This project aims to widen the scope of the existing European Drought Observatory Portal by looking at affected sectors beyond just agriculture.

07 Jun 2022


Development of NatCat Risk Profile Reports for ASEAN Member States (AMS)

This project will produce Risk Profile Reports for ASEAN member states that assess risk appetite and finance capacity for recovery from disasters.

15 Jul 2022


Advisory service for the development of a climate analysis and justification for the Resilient Puna Project in Peru

This consultancy aims to secure funds to increase the resilience of high Andean communities towards the impacts of changing climate conditions

22 Oct 2021



This project aims to support decision makers in developing adaptation strategy and to identify cost-effective climate change adaptation measures.

26 Sep 2019


MCII: Climate Risk Adaptation and Insurance in the Caribbean (CRAIC)

The CRAIC project addresses climate change adaptation and vulnerability by promoting climate risk insurance to manage and transfer risk

12 Nov 2013


PROtecting the WELLbeing of MIGRANTS in India during the COVID-19 pandemic (PROWELLMIGRANTS)

The aim of this research is to qualitatively investigate the impact of COVID-19 upon migrants’ wellbeing and mental health in India.

23 Sep 2021


E-Learning: Human Mobility in the Context of Climate Change (E-HM3C)

This project involves the development of an interactive e-learning course on Human Mobility in the Context of Climate Change.

23 Sep 2021