A child walking along a narrow piece of land between two bodies of water
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FURIFLOOD: Current and future risks of urban and rural flooding in West Africa – An integrated analysis and eco-system-based solutions

The project will contribute research on flood-related impacts, vulnerability to flooding, and a guidebook to reduce current and future flood risk

18 Oct 2021


PROtecting the WELLbeing of MIGRANTS in India during the COVID-19 pandemic (PROWELLMIGRANTS)

The aim of this research is to qualitatively investigate the impact of COVID-19 upon migrants’ wellbeing and mental health in India.

23 Sep 2021


The Climate Academy - People's Pathways to Climate Action

This project aims to advance scientific understanding of people-centered climate action and inform policy making through a solution oriented approach.

07 May 2021


Understanding Systemic and Cascading Risks: Learnings From COVID-19 (CARICO)

This project aims to develop a conceptual model that supports the analysis of systemic and cascading risks.

01 Mar 2021


Transformative Urban Coalitions: Catalysing Urban Partnerships to Drive Systemic Transformation Towards Sustainability (TUC)

This project aims to shift the mindsets of urban citizens and leaders to build new urban coalitions towards socially inclusive zero-carbon cities.

17 Nov 2019


Pacific Insurance and Climate Adaptation Programme

This project aims to support Pacific Small Island Developing States in their strategies and capacity-building for climate and disaster risk finance.

26 Nov 2018


Agrophotovoltaics for Mali and The Gambia: Sustainable Electricity Production by Integrated Food, Energy and Water Systems (APV-MaGa)

This project aims to establish agrophotovoltaics as a sustainable energy system that provides food, water, and electricity.

06 Oct 2020


Researchers back to the secondary school - Renewable energy powered water-food-economy nexus for the sustainable livelihood at Dosso Region in Niger (RETO-DOSSO)

This project aims to inform sustainable water, energy, and food security interventions, including solar power and other renewable energy systems.

03 Oct 2020



This project aims to map the outcomes of livelihood innovations for climate adaptation and co-create climate-resilient development pathways.

01 May 2020


Emergency preparedness planning for water supply and sanitation in health care facilities - organisational and technical solution strategies to increase resilience (NOWATER)

This project aims to deepen understanding of the factors that promote or hinder the continued operation of health and care facilities during crises.

18 May 2020



This project aims to support decision makers in developing adaptation strategy and to identify cost-effective climate change adaptation measures.

26 Sep 2019


Integrating Ecosystem-based Approaches into Flood Risk Management for Adaptive and Sustainable Urban Development in Central Vietnam (FloodAdaptVN)

This project aims to analyze and ultimately reduce flood risks for people, livelihoods, and assets in highly flood prone urban regions of Vietnam.

29 Oct 2019