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Large-scale transformation towards biodiversity-friendly, climate resilient agriculture through risk finance solutions and enabling policy and trade frameworks (BioFinCas)

This project will support transformation of conventional farming towards biodiversity-friendly and climate-resilient practice.

18 Mar 2024


Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII)

The purpose of MCII is promotion of public-private protection and insurance solutions for people worldwide affected by weather-related catastrophes.

12 Nov 2013


Contribution to the multi-actor partnership for pro-poor & gender-equitable climate risk financing in the context of the IGP's 2025 vision

This project looks to strengthen disaster management approaches in vulnderable developing countries through disaster risk finance and insurance.

15 Mar 2024


Pacific Insurance and Climate Adaptation Programme

This project aims to support Pacific Small Island Developing States in their strategies and capacity-building for climate and disaster risk finance.

26 Nov 2018


‘CRoss-sEcToral planning decisIoN-maKing platform to foster climate Action’ — ‘RethinkAction’

This project will build a cross-sectoral platform to deliver clear and valuable information on climate change that supports decision making.

10 Nov 2021


MCII Contribution to the G7 Initiative on Climate Risk Insurance

This project assists the InsuResilience Secretariat in an appropriate design and the implementation of the G7 Climate Risk Insurance Initiative.

01 Apr 2015


RRR-Coast: Towards a green and inclusive post-pandemic recovery of the Blue Economy and coastal communities

This project aims to provide science-based guidance for post COVID recovery of coastal communities by investigating impact, response and resilience.

28 Jun 2022


Integrating Ecosystem-based Approaches into Flood Risk Management for Adaptive and Sustainable Urban Development in Central Vietnam (FloodAdaptVN)

This project aims to analyze and ultimately reduce flood risks for people, livelihoods, and assets in highly flood prone urban regions of Vietnam.

29 Oct 2019


Transformative Climate Action using Participatory data driven decision making platforms (T-CAP)

This project aims to enhance local actors' capacity for collaborative & transformative climate actions by using data-driven decision-making platforms.

15 Jul 2022


Towards Actionable Impact-based Early Warning in Africa: Integrating Exposure and Vulnerability into Early Warning Systems – a Pilot Study in the IGAD Region (EarlyWarning4IGAD)

This project seeks to expand existing hazard-based early warning systems towards actionable impact-based early warning systems.

30 Apr 2024


Country climate fact sheets, incl. standardization of climate risk analysis

This project aims to improve the compliance and quality of the climate mainstreaming process on adaptation risks and potentials.

15 Mar 2024


Researchers back to the secondary school - Renewable energy powered water-food-economy nexus for the sustainable livelihood at Dosso Region in Niger (RETO-DOSSO)

This project aims to inform sustainable water, energy, and food security interventions, including solar power and other renewable energy systems.

03 Oct 2020