Our Work

UNU-EHS Research Areas

UNU-EHS’s research is clustered in two main areas: Risk and Adaptation and Transformation, which both feed into its flagship publication, Interconnected Disaster Risks​​​​​​​, and UNU-EHS educational activities.

Risk and Adaptation Department

The Risk and Adaptation Department focuses on understanding and addressing interconnected risks and the adverse impacts of climate change in science and policy based on a variety of different, yet complementary work streams.

Transformation Department

The Transformation Department creates positive visions of possible futures and catalyses new coalitions and actions for a sustainable and climate resilient world, human well-being, sustainability and equity.

Interconnected Disaster Risks

Interconnected Disaster Risks is an annual science-based report designed to be accessible for the general public. The report analyses how the disasters and risks that we see are interconnected with each other and with human actions, and explains how these interconnections can be used to design solutions.


Along with its research mandate, UNU-EHS is actively engaged in education and capacity building. It offers the joint Master of Science degree programme “Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security” with the University of Bonn. UNU-EHS also hosts a number of international PhD projects and capacity-development courses on global issues of environmental risks and sustainable development.

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