Risk & Adaptation

Three men planting mangroves

The Risk and Adaptation Department focuses on understanding, preventing and addressing interconnected risks and the adverse impacts of climate change in science and policy based on a variety of different, yet complementary work streams.

Our Risk & Adaptation divisions:

Climate & Migration - Environmental Migration: Interactions and Choices (EMIC)

Uniting science, policy and practice on human mobility in the context of climate and environmental change

Climate Finance & Insurance - The Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII)

Using climate finance and insurance measures to better prepare for natural hazards

Ecosystems for Sustainability - Environmental Vulnerability & Ecosystem Services (EVES)

Integrating the well-being of nature and people to develop science-based solutions for global challenges

Pathways to Resilience - Vulnerability Assessment, Risk Management & Adaptive Planning (VARMAP)

Providing actionable knowledge on systemic risks and pathways to climate-resilient futures

Risks in Mountains - Global Mountain Safeguard Research (GLOMOS)

Fostering development of sustainable and resilient mountain communities to reduce risk and enhance climate change adaptation

Three men planting mangroves