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Press Release 25 Oct 2023

New UN University report warns about risk tipping points with irreversible impacts on people and planet

New report, Interconnected Disaster Risks 2023, is released from UNU in Bonn today, analysing risk tipping points, and introduces solution framework.

Press Release 09 Nov 2022

Addressing the climate emergency through innovative storytelling – arts and culture for climate action

Climate research is not enough, but innovative storytelling is key to changing attitudes & behaviours at the individual & collective level.

Press Release 31 Aug 2022

New UN University report reveals solutions to reduce the impacts of disasters

Interconnected Disaster Risks 2021/2022 released today. Finds that not only root causes but also the solutions of disasters are interconnected.

Press Release 09 Nov 2021

COP26: Nature-based solutions win in science and on the ground

Climate change experts from UNU and WFP call for better integration of nature-based solutions in adaptation planning at COP26 in Glasgow.

Press Release 08 Sep 2021

New UN University report: Disasters around the world are interconnected

A new report, Interconnected Disaster Risks 2020/2021, released today. Finds that seemingly unrelated disasters are interconnected with each other.