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FISPER: Guidelines for UNCCD Parties to make ecological restoration attractive in terms of financial inclusion and social protection

This project will develop guidelines to improve perceptions of ecological restoration and rehabilitation in terms of finance and social protection

18 Mar 2024


Enhancing Risk Assessments for improved country risk financing strategies (ERA)

This project aims to provide government partners in Egypt and Thailand with a new generation of risk assessments for developing their climate change adaptation.

17 Mar 2024


Align4LDN: Coherence and alignment among approaches contributing to sustainable management of land and water resources

This project aims to assess the coherence and alignment among selected approaches to sustainable management of land and water resources.

15 Mar 2024


Transformative Climate Action using Participatory data driven decision making platforms (T-CAP)

This project aims to enhance local actors' capacity for collaborative & transformative climate actions by using data-driven decision-making platforms.

15 Jul 2022


RRR-Coast: Towards a green and inclusive post-pandemic recovery of the Blue Economy and coastal communities

This project aims to provide science-based guidance for post COVID recovery of coastal communities by investigating impact, response and resilience.

28 Jun 2022


Lessons from COVID-19 for understanding and managing systemic risks in the SADC region (CARICO SADC)

The project provides actionable knowledge to understand the complex interaction of risks and impacts at the regional level in the 16 SADC countries.

19 Dec 2022


Climate Risk Sourcebook (CR-Sourcebook)

The project will provide users with actionable knowledge to understand the complex nature of risks and impacts.

23 May 2022


Development of NatCat Risk Profile Reports for ASEAN Member States (AMS)

This project will produce Risk Profile Reports for ASEAN member states that assess risk appetite and finance capacity for recovery from disasters.

15 Jul 2022


European Drought Observatory for Resilience and Adaptation (EDORA)

This project aims to widen the scope of the existing European Drought Observatory Portal by looking at affected sectors beyond just agriculture.

07 Jun 2022


Advisory service for the development of a climate analysis and justification for the Resilient Puna Project in Peru

This consultancy aims to secure funds to increase the resilience of high Andean communities towards the impacts of changing climate conditions

22 Oct 2021


E-Learning: Human Mobility in the Context of Climate Change (E-HM3C)

This project involves the development of an interactive e-learning course on Human Mobility in the Context of Climate Change.

23 Sep 2021


‘CRoss-sEcToral planning decisIoN-maKing platform to foster climate Action’ — ‘RethinkAction’

This project will build a cross-sectoral platform to deliver clear and valuable information on climate change that supports decision making.

10 Nov 2021