UNU Macau exchanged experiences with delegations from two Chinese universities

Professors from Beijing Foreign Studies University and Wuhan University paid visits to UNU Macau and discussed opportunities for future collaboration.

United Nations University Institute in Macau (UNU Macau) last week welcomed delegations from two universities in mainland China, namely Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) and Wuhan University (WHU). Both visits were aimed at exchanging experiences and exploring opportunities for future collaboration.  

On 16 October, UNU Macau’s director, Dr. Jingbo Huang, and UNU Macau’s Head of Research, Dr. Serge Stinckwich, introduced the Institute’s research and education portfolio to the team led by Vice President of BFSU Prof. Zhao Gang, who presented the work of his university. 

Beijing Foreign Studies University visits UNU Macau
Beijing Foreign Studies University visited UNU Macau for exchanges and discussions on future collaboration.

In the meeting, also attended by UNU Macau’s Senior Researcher and Team Lead Dr. Jaimee Stuart, the two parties discussed further cooperation opportunities, including possibilities related to students’ internships and employment, partnerships on research and training, teacher exchange and language services. 

On 17 October, UNU Macau received the visit of a delegation from WHU led by the university’s Dean of Law School, Professor Feng Guo, who introduced the faculty, as well as WHU’s work on international talent development.  

Wuhan University visits UNU Macau
Wuhan University visited UNU Macau and discussed future opportunities for further collaboration with the Institute.

In the meeting, where Dr. Jingbo Huang and Dr. Serge Sinckwich also introduced the Institute’s research and education portfolio, the two teams discussed possibilities for further cooperation, including on international talent cultivation, internship programmes and partnerships on research and training. 



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