The 39th UNU Global Seminar Explores Solutions to Ensure Food Security

The certified course engaged students and young professionals in lectures and group discussions on sustainable agriculture and food production.

On 7–9 August 2023 UNU-IAS organized the 39th UNU Global Seminar, engaging students, young professionals, scholars and practitioners to enhance awareness of global environmental challenges.

Focusing on the theme Sustainable Agriculture and Food Production: The Way Forward to Ensure Food Security, 30 participants from 11 universities and other institutions across Japan explored the importance of transforming global food systems in addressing issues such as climate change and biodiversity loss. On the final day participants delivered group presentations, and those who successfully completed the programme received a certificate of completion.

The seminar was held online with the support from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Technology of Japan (MEXT); and the Japan Foundation for the United Nations University (JFUNU).

Student reports from the seminar are available as PDF attachments on this page.

History of the UNU Global Seminars

The UNU Global Seminars began in Japan in the Kanto area in 1985 with the first Shonan Session, and in the Kansai area in 1995 with the Kobe Session. Since then, UNU Global Seminars have been held in Hokkaido, Kanazawa, Kobe-Awaji Tohoku, Okinawa and Shimane-Yamaguchi. Sessions have also been held abroad, including in Seoul, Republic of Korea in 2003. Detailed information is available here.