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Mongabay Features Expert Comments on Natural Climate Solutions

UNU-IAS expert Suneetha Subramanian called for adopting a holistic approach to the concept of natural climate solutions.

21 Feb 2024


Climate Change and Biodiversity: The Future of Food and the Environment

ONLINE: This symposium will discuss sustainable food systems and their role in tackling climate change and biodiversity loss.



Next Course: “Theorical-Practical Course on the Study of Neglected Diseases: Diagnosis, Molecular Epidemiology and Applied Bioinformatics”, March 2024

Apply for a scholarship to participate in the course coordinated by Dr Ingeborg Becker at UNAM.

05 Feb 2024


Session Highlights Impacts of Satoyama Development Mechanism

A session of the 15th International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific discussed successful projects funded by the mechanism.

31 Jan 2024


Satoyama Forum Featured in Asahi Shimbun and Yomiuri Shimbun

Summaries published in Japanese newspapers highlight efforts to progress satoyama model for sustainable living and biodiversity conservation.

23 Jan 2024

A woman collecting crops

Working Paper

Nature as Culture

19 Dec 2023


Satoyama Forum Explores Sustainability in Japanese Rural Landscapes

Hosted by the AEON Environmental Foundation, the event discussed the satoyama model for sustainable living and biodiversity conservation.

14 Dec 2023