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Symposium Discusses Transforming the Global Food System for Sustainability

The online event was held as part of the UN Weeks at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan.

30 Oct 2023


Transforming Global Food System for Revitalizing Actions for SDGs

ONLINE: This event will explore the relationship between the SDGs and environmental sustainability at different stages of the global value chain.



Report Highlights Integrated Solutions for Biodiversity & Climate Change, Transforming Food Systems

The report is part of a study funded by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan.

28 Jul 2023


Applications Open for UNU Global Seminar 2023

Application are open until 5 July 2023 for the 39th UNU Global Seminar.

23 Jun 2023


Applications Open for 39th UNU Global Seminar 2023

The course will be held online on 7–9 August.

30 May 2023

Media Coverage

Japan Times Features UNU-IAS Expert Comments on Urban Farming

The article explores the potential of green spaces to address the social and environmental challenges brought on by urbanisation.

09 Mar 2023

Press Release

The Lancet: Experts Call for an End to the Exploitative Marketing Used by the Baby Formula Milk Industry

Lancet 2023 Series criticizes formula companies for exploiting emotions, manipulating science, and calls for collective societal responsibility.

08 Feb 2023


Seminar Explores the Role of Local Gastronomy in Sustainable Tourism

The online seminar highlighted the role of food in connecting tourists with local communities and promoting sustainable development.

05 Nov 2022


Tourism and the SDGs — Local Food and Sustainable Development

On 26 October 2022 UNU-IAS will host an online seminar on the topic Tourism and the SDGs — Local Food and Sustainable Development.