UNU Global Seminar Japan — Shonan Session

The UNU Global Seminars brings together experts from academia and policymaking in Japan and abroad to share perspectives on global concerns.

Date Published
20 Dec 2013
Expected Start Date
01 Jun 1985
Expected End Date
31 Mar 2023
Project Type
Capacity Development
Project Status

The UNU Global Seminars are an annual programme designed to increase understanding among college students and young professionals about global issues facing humankind today and the role of the United Nations in addressing them. Seminars are held annually at various locations throughout Japan. The Global Seminars comprise lectures, plenary and group discussions, and presentations by the participants. The teaching faculty includes UNU academic staff as well as experts from academia and policymaking in Japan and abroad. Global Seminar participants are familiarized with the theoretical and practical implications of various issues of global concern, spanning all priority areas of UNU. In addition, through close cooperation with Japanese academic institutions in the organization of the seminars, they serve to strengthen the UNU’s ties with the academic community in its host country.