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The UNU-IAS Communications unit serves as the point of contact for all press-related inquiries. We connect journalists to academics who are experts in their field, and promote UNU-IAS research globally. A searchable database of our experts is available here.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Anne Lecroq
Media and Engagement Associate
Tel: (+81) 3-5467-1213


For Japanese-language media inquiries, please contact:

Tomoyo Tanno
Communications Associate
Tel: (+81) 3-5467-1255



UNU-IAS in the News

Media Coverage

Mongabay Features Expert Comments on Natural Climate Solutions

UNU-IAS expert Suneetha Subramanian called for adopting a holistic approach to the concept of natural climate solutions.

21 Feb 2024

Media Coverage

UNU-IAS Expert Comments on Learning from Indigenous Communities to Achieve the SDGs

Several newspapers featured comments by Suneetha Subramanian on how movies can introduce the culture of ethnic minorities to a broader audience.

05 Feb 2024

Media Coverage

Tackling the Interconnected Challenges of Climate Change and Air Pollution

Japan News op-ed argues for addressing climate change and air pollution simultaneously to generate climate and health co-benefits.

11 Dec 2023

Media Coverage

How Simple Changes in Daily Life Can Help the World Achieve Net Zero

Op-ed discusses minimal yet impactful lifestyle changes that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

06 Dec 2023

Press Releases

Press Release

UNU-IAS Initiatives on Youth Empowerment for Implementing the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda

UNU-IAS will hold a press conference at COP27 to present updates on the institute’s initiatives on youth empowerment.

04 Nov 2022

Press Release

UN University to Launch Postgraduate Degree Specialisation on the Paris Agreement

Developed in collaboration with UNFCCC, the new programme will commence in Autumn 2023.

04 Nov 2021