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The Ukraine War Could End Up Revitalizing Humanitarian Law

Russia's invasion of Ukraine undermines humanitarian principles and international stability, while also prompting global efforts for reform.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine poses a serious threat to humanitarian principles and the international system. By violating core tenets of the U.N. Charter and international humanitarian law, Russia's actions undermine the system's ability to maintain peace and protect civilians.

Despite these challenges, the crisis has also spurred unprecedented international solidarity and action, such as efforts to reform the Security Council and increase accountability for war crimes. While the invasion has negative repercussions, it also presents an opportunity for positive transformation, potentially leading to a more accountable and equitable international system.

Read the blog published in World Politics Review here.

Suggested citation: Gaston Erica., "The Ukraine War Could End Up Revitalizing Humanitarian Law," UNU-CPR (blog), 2022-05-02, 2024,

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