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Technology and Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Summit
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Leveraging Postgraduate Education for Sustainable Development: The Resource-Nexus and Environmental Management in Global South Partnerships

NEW YORK / ONLINE: This SDG Action Weekend side event will explore the potential of higher education to contribute to achievement of the SDGs.

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Towards Gender-Responsive Migration Governance

On 6 September UNU-CPR organized a migration policy roundtable to discuss gender-responsive migration governance.

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From Left Behind to Staying Back: Rethinking Policy Responses to Children in Migrant Households

Presenting new research and analysis that challenges dominant policy and practice narratives on stay behind children.

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Global Architecture of AI

Consolidating key questions surrounding the global governance of Artificial Intelligence

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Understanding Climate-Related Mobility in Contexts of Urbanization

This roundtable examined the challenges of climate-related mobility and processes of urbanization in the Global South.

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Migration and Decent Work: Challenges for the Global South

On 24 January 2023, UNU-CPR organized the second event in a series of policy roundtables.

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Contributions of Migration to Development in the MENA

This online panel explored the contributions of migration to development in the Middle East and North Africa, specifically Jordan and Lebanon.

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Launch of The Refugee System: A Sociological Approach

An online webinar to launch a new book documenting the experiences of Syrian refugees, 'The Refugee System: A Sociological Approach.'

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FAST: Convening Africa 2022

This event discussed the critical role the financial sector in Sub-Saharan Africa could play to address modern slavery and human trafficking.

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From Promises to Practice: Towards the Effective Implementation of the Global Compact on Migration

This hybrid event was the first in a series of migration policy roundtables related to the implementation of the Global Compact on Migration.