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Blog Post 21 May 2024

Protecting Civilians in War - Why Men Shouldn't Be Forgotten

When protection efforts exclusively focus on women and children, modern slavery risks facing men are often overlooked in data, policy, and practice.

Blog Post 17 Apr 2024

Private Finance for Social Good

Basics to Bridge the Development-Finance Gap

Blog Post 17 Apr 2024

A Brighter Future Across the Atlantic?

Understanding African Migration to Latin America.

Blog Post 16 Apr 2024

Financial Inclusion: A Path to Recovery and Resilience for Survivors of Modern Slavery

Lessons learned from FAST's Survivor Inclusion Initiative: Spearheading financial inclusion for survivors of modern slavery

Blog Post 20 Feb 2024

Climate Change and Human Mobility in the Global South

Challenging Western narratives can broaden understanding of climate mobility, enhance policymaking, and allow communities to shape their futures.

Blog Post 17 Jan 2024

How Global South Perspectives Challenge Thinking On Migration

New publication offers fresh perspectives and insights to unlock migration’s development potential.

Blog Post 10 Jan 2024

How the UN Can Help Prevent Another Israel-Lebanon War

Three ways the UN can use a preventive diplomacy role to reduce the risks of another devastating conflict.

Blog Post 23 Nov 2023

Who Speaks and Who Listens Online

An analysis of competing narratives about climate action on Twitter - and how climate activists can engage more strategically at COP28.

Blog Post 10 Nov 2023

US Executive Order on AI: Takeaways for Global AI Governance

What does the Executive Order reveal about the US approach to AI global governance and what impacts can we expect from its implementation?

Blog Post 07 Nov 2023

An International Decade for Data: Multistakeholder Cooperation in a Data-Driven World

A global vision for data cooperation to bridge the digital divide and spur international investment.