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Blog Post 23 Apr 2019

AI & Global Governance: Robots Will Not Only Wage Future Wars but also Future Peace

AI could revolutionize the way we prevent and solve conflicts globally.

Blog Post 26 Feb 2019

AI & Global Governance: The Advantages of Applying the International Human Rights Framework to Artificial Intelligence

How the International Human Rights framework could contribute to the design, use, and governance of AI.

Blog Post 26 Feb 2019

AI & Global Governance: Turning the Tide on Crime with Predictive Policing

Explaining how AI can benefit law enforcement - and why this might be dangerous.

Blog Post 19 Feb 2019

The Politics of Action for Peacekeeping

Analyzing the Action for Peacekeeping initiative - prioritizing urgent challenges facing UN peacekeeping.

Blog Post 16 Jan 2019

AI & Global Governance: AI in Africa is a Double-Edged Sword

Can Artificial Intelligence be a useful tool for augmenting state capacity in weak and fragile contexts?

Blog Post 20 Dec 2018

AI & Global Governance: Why We Need an Intergovernmental Panel for Artificial Intelligence

Striking a balance between enabling innovation and mitigating risks.

Blog Post 18 Dec 2018

Delta 8.7: 5 lessons learned on slavery risk for policy actors

Lessons learned from a Delta 8.7 online Symposium on Modeling Slavery Risk.

Blog Post 07 Dec 2018

AI & Global Governance: Developing Resilient Economies in the Age of AI

While AI can be good for growth, its benefits may not be evenly distributed.

Blog Post 07 Dec 2018

Blog Post 07 Dec 2018

AI & Global Governance: Three Distinct AI Challenges for the UN

Anticipating the challenges of Artificial Intelligence.