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Blog Post 02 Jul 2021

10 Years of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights Sees Wave of New Human Rights Due Diligence. Is it Enough?

New measures on human rights due diligence and disclosure and what they mean for the anti-slavery movement.

Blog Post 20 Jun 2021

Beyond Solidarity: Refugee Health is a Matter of Self-interest

Amid the largest global immunization effort in history, refugees are being left behind.

Blog Post 18 Jun 2021

New Data Underscores Urgent Need for Holistic Approaches to Conflict-Related Sexual Violence

New data calls for approaches to conflict-related sexual violence that are holistic, survivor-centred, and context-specific.

Blog Post 21 May 2021

The Coming COP Flop? Four Realizations To Energize the COP26 Climate Summit

Four key realizations needed to guide the UN COP26 conference towards effective climate action.

Blog Post 04 Mar 2021

Lost in Transition: How the UN Can Support a Global Protection Strategy for Unaccompanied Young Migrants

Multilateral cooperation can support unaccompanied child asylum seekers who 'age out' of protection in their host countries.

Blog Post 03 Jan 2021

Women’s Rights in a Post-2020 World: What Could (or Should) Be Next for Gender at the Security Council

What the Security Council should prioritize regarding Women, Peace and Security in 2021 and beyond.

Blog Post 04 Dec 2020

The Importance of Decentralized Development Cooperation for Migrants in a Post-pandemic World

Supporting the safety and welfare of migrants and at both the local and national levels.

Blog Post 16 Oct 2020

On Women’s Rights, the Security Council Should Stay Strong

On its 20th anniversary, we explain how UN Security Council 1325 on Women, Peace and Security supports women's rights.

Blog Post 01 Aug 2020

AI & Global Governance: COVID-19 Underlines the Need for AI-Support Governance of Water-Energy-Food Nexus

Why a Water-Energy-Food Nexus could be the next step in creating cooperative AI-supported governance.

Blog Post 25 Jun 2020

Why the World Needs More UN Regional Political Offices

A regional approach to preventing conflict has never been more crucial.