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Blog Post 08 Feb 2023

Repatriating Syrians from Lebanon: A Pivotal Role for UNHCR

As the region reels from the earthquake that devastated large parts of Syria, we reflect on ongoing debates surrounding the repatriation of Syrians.

Blog Post 03 Feb 2023

In Pursuit of Target 8.7: Prioritizing Finance

Ahead of the eighth Ministerial Conference of the Bali Process we need a 'financial approach' to address modern slavery and human trafficking.

Blog Post 10 Jan 2023

From Despair to Hope? Securing Rights for Haitian Migrants in the New Brazil

As Lula is sworn in as President, we reflect on what his election might mean for Haitians and other migrants living in Brazil.

Blog Post 10 Jan 2023

Addressing the Continuing Threat of Modern Slavery in Africa

What are the measures the financial sector can take to address human trafficking and modern slavery risks in Africa?

Blog Post 21 Dec 2022

COP27 and the Path Ahead: Is the 'Loss and Damage' Fund a Win for the Global South?

Success will depend on political will, clearly defined metrics, holistic approaches, and a commitment to transform prevailing political structures.

Blog Post 30 Nov 2022

Climate-Related Migration Into Cities: What We Know and Why It Matters

What are the emerging trends and knowledge gaps on climate-induced migration into cities?

Blog Post 11 Nov 2022

Ending a ‘Never-Ending Story’: Financial Intelligence Enhances Criminal Proceedings Against Human Traffickers

We reflect on the effectiveness of targeted financial sanctions and international criminal law following the ICC report to the Security Council.

Blog Post 30 Jul 2022

Banking on Technology: The Case for Migrant Workers

The successes and struggles in digital finance aimed at migrant workers — a group particularly susceptible to trafficking and forced labour.

Blog Post 28 Jun 2022

Migrant Vulnerability and Structural Inequalities: The Case of Haiti

The policy implications of the path dependence created by inequalities and inequities in home countries that persist throughout the migration process.

Blog Post 21 Jun 2022

Member States Must Tackle Inequality to Harness the Benefits of Migration

Is enough being done to centre equality in the implementation of the Global Compact on Migration?