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Blog Post 28 Jun 2022

Migrant Vulnerability and Structural Inequalities: The Case of Haiti

The policy implications of the path dependence created by inequalities and inequities in home countries that persist throughout the migration process.

Blog Post 21 Jun 2022

Member States Must Tackle Inequality to Harness the Benefits of Migration

Is enough being done to centre equality in the implementation of the Global Compact on Migration?

Blog Post 22 Apr 2022

Why the UK-Rwanda Asylum Deal Risks Harming Global Standards

We reflect on the newly announced asylum partnership agreement between the UK and Rwanda - and its wider implications.

Blog Post 09 Mar 2022

Moving From Paper To Practice on UN Security Council Language on Women, Peace, and Security in Conflict-Affected Contexts

On International Women's Day 2022 we reflect on a recent event concerning Security Council language on Women, Peace, and Security.

Blog Post 30 Nov 2021

Why Illegal Deforestation Should Be Treated as a Security Issue

Examining the links between deforestation and security - charting a way forward for policymakers, law enforcement, and the multilateral system.

Blog Post 22 Oct 2021

Relief Is Not Enough: A Mandate for Diplomacy in Afghanistan

Broader political discourse with the Taliban is needed to prevent humanitarian and economic crisis in Afghanistan.

Blog Post 11 Oct 2021

Rights Literacy in the Context of Indigenous Migration

For Indigenous Peoples' Day, we explore a new initiative to support indigenous migrants in exercising their rights.

Blog Post 30 Jul 2021

The Invisible Pandemic of Modern Slavery Requires Financial Sector Action

Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on modern slavery and human trafficking - and the role of the financial sector in combating these crimes.

Blog Post 18 Jun 2021

New Data Underscores Urgent Need for Holistic Approaches to Conflict-Related Sexual Violence

New data calls for approaches to conflict-related sexual violence that are holistic, survivor-centred, and context-specific.

Blog Post 21 May 2021

The Coming COP Flop? Four Realizations To Energize the COP26 Climate Summit

Four key realizations needed to guide the UN COP26 conference towards effective climate action.