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Blog Post 25 Jul 2023

Sri Lanka at a Crossroads: Where Next for the Protest Movement that ‘Went Home’?

After a major protest movement brought a change in Sri Lanka's leadership, we reflect on the country's debt crisis and ongoing economic problems.

Blog Post 19 Jul 2023

The New Agenda for Peace: A Model for the Declaration on Future Generations?

Although far from perfect, the New Agenda for Peace offers a potentially transformative model for emerging and future risks.

Blog Post 28 Jun 2023

Why Compassion Matters in Asylum Policy

Felicity Kersting, a Senior Researcher at NatCen International, explains why compassion should be at the heart of the international asylum system.

Blog Post 05 Jun 2023

Breaking Cycles of Violence: Prioritizing Mental Health to Foster Sustainable Peace

Psychological trauma can hinder peacebuilding. But recent advances in psychosocial support could help prevent future outbreaks of violence.

Blog Post 16 May 2023

Addressing the Relationships between Migration and Inequality is Key to Africa’s Development

Why addressing inequality is central to any discussion on migration in Africa.

Blog Post 18 Apr 2023

A New Blueprint Calls for Reinvigorated Global Governance

Recommendations will strengthen the global architecture for peace, security, and finance, and deliver just transitions for climate and digitalization.

Blog Post 15 Apr 2023

Thematic Review on Climate-Security and Peacebuilding

A new Thematic Review identifies entry points and pathways for building peace and mitigating conflict in climate-affected and fragile environments.

Blog Post 13 Mar 2023

Can ‘Stop the Boats’ solve the UK’s migration problems?

We examine the UK Government’s ‘Stop the Boats’ legislation - and outline a more effective approach that works for both Government and migrants.

Blog Post 08 Mar 2023

Redistributing Paid Work between Genders: The Key to Gender Equality?

Increasing women's representation in technology may require a societal transformation that sees more men taking on roles in paid care sectors.

Blog Post 03 Mar 2023

Climate-Related Migration Into Cities: Ethiopian Smallholders Heading to Addis Ababa

A more nuanced understanding of climate-related migration is needed which recognizes the importance of land tenure and job opportunities.