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Media Coverage 14 Feb 2024

The World Needs an International Decade for Data

The Global Digital Compact, to be agreed at the Summit of the Future, presents an opportunity to expand the benefits of data for all.

Media Coverage 15 Dec 2023

Three options for the UN to lead in Gaza

Demands for a ceasefire should continue, but the organisation is capable of much more.

Media Coverage 13 Dec 2023

What is the Path to Peace in Gaza?

In a New York Times Op-ed UNU-CPR's Emma Bapt and Adam Day suggest a leading role for the UN.

Media Coverage 01 Dec 2023

Climate Financing and Peacebuilding Go Hand in Hand

Projects in conflict-affected and fragile spaces, while difficult, is certainly possible—and could be the surest investment for peacebuilding.

Media Coverage 29 Nov 2023

Can COP28 Deliver for Cities and Climate Migrants?

Strategic policy responses can help mitigate challenges while preparing cities for the future.

Media Coverage 18 Nov 2023

Could COP28 Help Protect Africans From Growing Modern Slavery?

An opportunity to initiate conversations about environmental and social risks in financial sector investments.

Media Coverage 24 Aug 2023

What Could a Successful Summit of the Future Look Like in 2024?

Defining broad criteria for a Summit that builds greater trust and reduces acute risks.

Media Coverage 27 Jun 2023

Climate-vulnerable communities are falling prey to armed groups

There are ways to break the link between climate change and instability, but they cannot be advanced without state and international support.

Media Coverage 26 Jun 2023

Beyond the UN Security Council: Can the General Assembly Tackle the Climate–Security Challenge?

The UN General Assembly could drive climate action across the multilateral system and even pressure the Security Council to take action more directly.

Media Coverage 16 Mar 2023

UN Peacekeeping Is Hamstrung by National Rules for Its Troops

National rules on UN peacekeeping troops.