Humanitarian response

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Supporting the Recovery of Noto Peninsula: Building Back Better

TOKYO & ONLINE: Bringing together regional and government stakeholders, this event will discuss sustainable and resilient recovery from the 2024 Noto Earthquake.


Working Paper

Global Data Sharing Arrangements between UNHCR and other UN entities and International Organizations

Facilitating transparent and efficient personal data sharing while adhering to relevant principles and standards.

07 Nov 2023


UNU Statement on the Israel–Gaza Crisis

The United Nations University echoes calls for international humanitarian law and human rights law to be respected and upheld.

19 Oct 2023


UN Sanctions and Humanitarian Action

Exploring the impacts of UN non-counter-terrorism sanctions on humanitarian action.

22 Aug 2023


The Impact of COVID-19 on Humanitarian Access

Examining the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on humanitarian access and operations.

06 Apr 2021