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The University shall devote its work to research into the pressing global problems of human survival, development and welfare that are the concern of the United Nations and its agencies.
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News 03 May 2024

The notion of consent in the UN Treaty Bodies’ general comments and jurisprudence

UNU-IIGH, ICJ & HRP explore consent in sexual conduct and healthcare through human rights standards

News 03 May 2024

Informed consent in sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services: a global scoping review of qualitative studies

UNU-IIGH and HRP’s new research explores notion and complexities of consent in SRH

Blog Post 03 May 2024

What we mean by colonialism & coloniality

Here we describe our use of the terms colonialism and coloniality and how this informs our work.

Announcement 03 May 2024

Next Course: “Metagenomics for health and industrial applications”, August 2024

Apply for a scholarship to participate in the course coordinated by Dr. Daniel Kurth at PROIMI-CONICET (Tucumán, Argentina).

Project 02 May 2024

Survivor Inclusion Initiative (SII)

Supporting the recovery and reintegration of survivors of human trafficking and other forms of modern slavery through the provision of financial services.

Expert Research Fellow, Artificial Intelligence and Applied Statistics.

Dr. Rendani Mbuvha

Dr. Rendani Mbuvha is an actuary and machine learning expert, specializing in the application of machine learning to improve our understanding of climate-related risks.

Series 02 May 2024


Commentary from UNU-EHS experts

Series 01 May 2024

2024 – A Leap Year for Climate Finance?

2024 is an important year for climate and sustainable development finance, with the topic being on the agenda for several different policy processes.

Series 01 May 2024

5 Insights on the Current Plastic Treaty Negotiations

Treaty negotiations to end plastic pollution are ongoing and parties just wrapped up a week of work in Ottawa, Canada on a draft text.

Expert Research Manager - Disaster Modelling

Dhiraj Raj Gyawali

Dhiraj Raj Gyawali