Access to justice is fundamental to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, which commit UN Member States to “promote the rule of law at the national and international levels, and ensure equal access to justice for all”. Gaps in access to justice reinforce poverty and undermine inclusive economic growth.

UNU research recognizes that justice is fundamental to the realization and assertion of an individual’s human rights. By focusing on vulnerable groups most acutely affected by justice gaps, such as migrants, UNU experts are illuminating the importance of approaching access to justice as part of a broader agenda for social justice in areas including health, gender and environment.

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Safe Return and Voluntary Repatriation for Syrian Refugees from Lebanon: What Needs to Happen Next?

Exploring discussions around the safe, dignified repatriation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

27 Oct 2023


Shrinking the Justice Gap: Rethinking Access to Justice for Migrants in the Global South

Approaching migrants' access to justice as part and parcel of a broader agenda for social justice.

27 Oct 2023


Preventing and Reducing Modern Slavery Risks for Diverse men in Conflict and Crisis Through Increased Financial Inclusion

Protecting diverse men from the risk of modern slavery during conflicts and crises.

14 Oct 2023


e-Justice Presentation at UNU

This seminar hopes to explore the nexus of Electronic Governance (EGOV) and e-Justice, unveiling a transformative landscape.



Developing Freedom

Establishing a clear case for the global development community to prioritize anti-slavery and anti-trafficking in development programming.

16 Sep 2023

Blog Post

Financial Inclusion is Key to Reducing Haiti’s Vulnerability to Modern Slavery

For World Day Against Trafficking in Persons we explore how financial inclusion can be strengthened to protect vulnerable Haitians from exploitation.

28 Jul 2023


Development and Peace Responses to Forced Displacement: The Role of Political Will

Examining the importance of political will for shaping development and peace responses to refugee and IDP situations

24 Jul 2023


Earth Shattering: Financial Engagement at the Nexus of Modern Slavery and Natural Resources in Africa

Promoting synchronized action to tackle risks and abuses in cocoa production and gold mining value chains in Ghana.

24 Jul 2023


Access to Justice for Migrants in the Global South

Understanding and addressing the injustices faced by migrants in the Global South

24 Jul 2023