Access to justice is fundamental to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, which commit UN Member States to “promote the rule of law at the national and international levels, and ensure equal access to justice for all”. Gaps in access to justice reinforce poverty and undermine inclusive economic growth.

UNU research recognizes that justice is fundamental to the realization and assertion of an individual’s human rights. By focusing on vulnerable groups most acutely affected by justice gaps, such as migrants, UNU experts are illuminating the importance of approaching access to justice as part of a broader agenda for social justice in areas including health, gender and environment.

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Reducing Inequality – The Great Challenge of Our Time

UNU-WIDER and UNIANDES will convene a three-day conference on reducing inequality in Bogotá, Colombia on 5–7 October 2022.



UNU-WIDER Development Conference: The Puzzle of Peace — Towards Inclusive Development in Fragile Contexts

The sessions will cover a range of topics on the themes of peace, security, unrest, and the humanitarian fallout of conflict across the world.



UNU Statement on Ukraine

UNU stands in solidarity with Ukraine and the international community.

01 Mar 2022

Press Release

Leading UN Think Tank to Launch Geneva Presence

UNU-CPR is delighted to announce that it will open its doors in Geneva with the support of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

22 Feb 2022


Stock Exchange of Thailand, Walk Free and FAST Provide Thai Businesses With Tools To Manage Modern Slavery Risks

The toolkit will help Thai listed companies and businesses manage human rights risks across a range of sectors.

16 Dec 2021


Financial Inclusion: A Way to Prevent Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

This side-event to the High-level meeting of the General Assembly appraised the United Nations Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons.



Rights Literacy in Indigenous Migrant Communities: Priorities and New Frontiers in Guatemala, Mexico and the United States

Identifying opportunities and challenges related to indigenous migration and rights literacy.