Advisory service for the development of a climate analysis and justification for the Resilient Puna Project in Peru

This consultancy aims to secure funds to increase the resilience of high Andean communities towards the impacts of changing climate conditions

Date Published
22 Oct 2021
Expected Start Date
15 Oct 2021
Expected End Date
31 Dec 2022
Project Type
Project Status

This consultancy work aims to directly contribute to the preparation for a project requesting GCF funds with the objective to increase the resilience of high Andean communities towards the impacts of changing climate conditions, namely deglaciation and droughts. The envisaged activities presented to the GCF in the Concept Note (CN) focus on an improved management of peatlands and grasslands and emphasises the use of Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA). A preliminary selection of the target area identified 91 districts in 4 regions in the Peruvian ecoregion Puna. Against this background, our bid aims to provide a scientific basis for a sound argumentation of the climate rationale in the target area, both in terms of understanding underlying drivers of current and future climate vulnerabilities and risks, and of elaborating entry points for ecosystem-based solutions for adaptation and mitigation. The resulting climate risk vulnerability assessment, ecosystem-based adaptation options and calculations to specify potential GHG emission reductions can directly be used to support the further steps in the GCF project proposal.

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