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Co-creating a sustainable future for all and with all using digital technologies


Digital technologies offer opportunities for development, but they also pose risks that need to be addressed.  

As a special UN think tank, and a research and training institute currently focusing on leveraging digital technologies for sustainable development, the United Nations University Institute in Macau (UNU Macau) takes a human-centred lens to look at how we can amplify the positive contributions of digital technologies and mitigate their risks. 

To achieve this mission, UNU Macau’s policy-driven research is founded on two main pillars: complex systems thinking, supported by a participatory approach.  

With a multidisciplinary team that includes experts in the fields of computer science, economics, psychology, public health, and communications, UNU Macau strives to leverage collective intelligence to co-create a sustainable future for all and with all. 

Our work is to bring human/UN values into digital technology, and also ensure all voices are included, especially those of the vulnerable populations who are also impacted directly by the technological decisions.
UNU Macau’s Director, Dr. Jingbo Huang

Specific research interests currently include the ethics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and new technology, cyber resilience, gender and technology, online youth protection, modelling for disaster management, preparing for the next pandemic, digital twins, among others. 

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Cyber Resilience among Women CSOs and Women Human Right Defenders in Southeast Asia

This project explores cyber security threats, risk factors and vulnerabilities in civil society organisations and among women human rights defenders.

12 Jul 2023


Building Citizen Science Intelligence for Pandemic Preparedness and Response: Needs Assessment and Pilot Implementation 

This project focuses on the need to establish collective intelligence capabilities involving all stakeholders in dealing with a pandemic.

12 Jul 2023


Gendered implications of Artificial Intelligence on the implementation of the Women, Peace and Security agenda in Southeast Asia

The project will examine uses of AI in relation to the Women, Peace and Security agenda, to investigate applications, gender risks, and solutions.

22 Sep 2022


Gender-based AI policy in Southeast Asia: Enhancing The Development of Standards and Frameworks for Critical Technologies in Southeast Asia

This project aims to define the current state of artificial intelligence policy in Southeast Asia in relation to gender, to improve the status quo.

22 Apr 2022



The partnership aims to reverse the increasing gender digital divide by empowering women through their use of information and communication tech

29 Apr 2021