Building Citizen Science Intelligence for Pandemic Preparedness and Response: Needs Assessment and Pilot Implementation 

This project focuses on the need to establish collective intelligence capabilities involving all stakeholders in dealing with a pandemic.

Date Published
12 Jul 2023
Project Status

This project involving participatory modelling, and funded by I-DAIR, the International Digital Health and AI Research Collaborative, is based on the premise that, to contain the pandemic through accurate, real-time and data-driven measures, it is urgent to establish collective intelligence capabilities that involve all stakeholders. 

The project has been conceived as having different stages over the next five years. UNU Macau is currently involved in a pilot study focusing on Vietnam, Kenya and Brazil and aimed at addressing how to effectively manage patients and resources available in a hospital and its surrounding communities such that citizens can play an active role in the response and develop broad disaster resilience in the context of a pandemic crisis. The goal is to work with local communities in these three countries to co-create and roll out digital or analog participatory modelling artifacts to explore this issue. 

The project team is led by UNU Macau’s Head of Research Dr. Serge Stinckwich and includes also UNU Macau’s Research Fellow Mr. Joel Kuria. 

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